When it comes to creating a festive atmosphere, one essential element is the right lighting. Look no further than Henghui Lighting, a renowned China lighting factory specializing in OEM/ODM customization and high-quality products.

Henghui Lighting – Enhancing Your Space with Style

Henghui Lighting offers a wide range of hanging light fixtures that can upgrade any space. Their products are known for their exceptional quality and innovative designs.

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– With ten years of hot classic shape, this fixture can be matched with the same series of spotlights, chandeliers, and floor lamps.
– It has gained popularity in France, Czech Republic, and Chile.
– The product holds CE Certification.
– Approximately 5,000 pieces are shipped per year.


– This fixture features a rotatable angle design that effectively reduces packaging area.
– It has been well-received in Denmark, Sweden, and Chile.
– The product holds CE Certification.
– Approximately 5,000 pieces are shipped per year.



– These fixtures have creative shell shapes with transparent glass shades that create soft lighting effects.

Elevate Your Space with Henghui Lighting’s Products

HengHui Lighting stands out as a top lighting manufacturer due to its commitment to providing high-quality products that enhance any space. Whether you need hanging light fixtures for residential or commercial purposes,

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